Mervers heeft in haar gamma een hele reeks industriële roerwerken, mixers, aerators, dispersers, high shear mixers, dubbele as mixers, IBC container mixers, zij invoer roerwerken, magnetisch gekoppelde roerwerken, statische mengers en warmtewisselaars.
Elke prototype wordt uitgebreid getest in de piloot fabriek. Dank zij de eigen labo faciliteiten kunnen specifieke product eigenschappen bepaald worden en testen uitgevoerd worden op labo schaal.

Mervers has a full product range for industrial mixers, agitators, aerators, dispersers, high shear mixers, multi shaft mixers, static mixers, blenders, reactors, tank and vessel mixers, butterfly mixers, homogenisers, IBC-mixers, mixers stands, side entry mixers, top entry mixers, clamp mixers, sealed mixers, direct drive mixers, mixers with geared motor, stainless steel mixer and magnetic drive mixers. Each prototype is tested extensively in the company's own pilot-factory. Thanks to its own laboratory analyses, Mervers has experience with a wide variety of mixing and stirring processes which can differ considerably with regard to specific gravity, viscosity and dry matter content.
Process specifications are blending and motion, emulsification, gas dispersion, homogeneous dispersions, particle size reduction, rapid blending, solid deagglomeration, solid incorporation, solid suspension. Mervers task is to control the mixing process and that is also what its reputation is based on. The company uses all its innovative powers in the search for the optimal mixing result.
That is why Mervers does not just guarantee the hardware, but also the success of the mixing process. Durable, long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators and flocculators for fluid processing A full spectrum of impeller designs for diverse applications Technological innovation, worldwide service network, mixer repairs, gearbox repairs, replacement parts program for fluid mixers Mervers primarily makes low-speed fluid mixers for a variety of processes and markets. Mervers does supply solvent extraction mixer settler tanks. All Mervers can assist in the specification and supply of a tank/mixer package.
Get the Serial Number off the mixer name plate and give this number and details on the new application to Mervers application engineers, they tell you whether your current mixer configuration is appropriate or recommend modifications to meet your process needs.
Mervers offers complete maintenance services. The secret is in Mervers' exclusive impeller designs. The KD and GD impellers were laser-designed to provide better flow than the impellers most other manufacturers provide. This means that Mervers mixers can produce the same results with much lower power consumption.
The power indicated on the mixer's motor nameplate says little about the mixing efficiency. Power consumption is completely independent of performance! Mixing impellers generate flow and shear, and selection of the design that provides the right combination for the application is critical. Impeller diameter, system geometry and speed are also key to mixer performance.
Mervers can assist in the specification of geometry and internals suitable for optimal mixing. The impeller should be located 1/2 to 2D (diameter) off bottom, depending on a variety of factors, including the solid suspension level, the viscosity and the low liquid mixing criteria. The types of impellers as well as the physical configuration of the mixer in the tank (off-bottom distance, spacing between impellers and the ratio of impeller diameter to tank diameter) are critical to successful up-pumping. Mervers application engineers can help you implement up-pumping successfully for fermenters Selection of a seal is affected by the pressure and temperature in the tank, the speed of the mixer, lubrication options and the clean ability requirements specific to the product and mixing environment. Mervers has a GMP product range of mixers for pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Inclusive a range of magnetic drive bottom entry mixers.
Up-pumping technology, using multiple impellers pumping in an upward motion, has demonstrated significant improvements in product purity, yield and uniformity. Up-pumping also offers better control of foaming and temperature and pH distribution.
Mixers used in adhesive industry, ceramic industry, fermentation industries, fuels and energy conversion, oil, fat, soap and wax industry, pulp and paper industry, water and wastewater treatment industry, paint and varnish industry, refining and mining industry, detergent industry , phosphorus industries, polymer industry, sugar and starch, chemical and petro-chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, Mervers' sanitary mixers offer a variety of design configurations, materials and options needed to meet critical sanitary mixing applications and ensure the highest level of sanitary mixing. Mervers also offers a wide variety of precision-engineered, high-performance impeller options.
Mervers is distributor for Greerco® Colloid Mills are highly efficient, in-line, processing units specifically designed to disperse solids and/or liquids into a carrying vehicle rapidly and uniformly. Any emulsion or suspension - liquids in liquids or solids in liquids - can be reproduced repeatedly with unvarying particle-size accuracy and distribution. Greerco Colloid Mills produce stable emulsions to the submicron range.
Mervers is distributor for Chemineer in Benelux, product range : DT Top-entering and portable mixers , Direct-drive and gear-reduced designs for both open and closed tank applications are available. Each unit features Chemineer's renowned reputation for quality that has grown over the past 50 years. GT Agitators ,The line of Chemineer GT Turbine Agitators provides enhanced cost-efficiency and performance embodied in an advanced parallel shaft design.
Heat Exchangers, Kenics® Static Mixer technology, available exclusively in Kenics® Heat Exchangers, offers the highest available coefficients for fast, uniform heat transfer. Capable of reliable operation in a wide range of process applications, including those in the polymer, plastic, and food and beverage industries, Kenics Heat Exchangers require less space, less energy and less residence time than standard designs.
HEV Static Mixers, The patented tab geometry of the Kenics® HEV Static Mixer maximizes the conversion of turbulent energy into efficient mixing for a variety of line shapes and sizes. The mixing elements take advantage of the naturally occurring vortices induced by the element edges to produce complete stream uniformity. Homogenizers, Greerco® Homogenizers from Chemineer are high-speed, high-shear batch mixers ideal for fast blending and homogenizing of materials through a wide range of viscosities.
HS Agitators, HS Side-Entering Agitators offer the same ruggedness, dependability and simplicity of design found in our other high-quality turbine agitators and mixers. At the heart of the HS Agitator is a right-angle drive exclusively engineered for side-entering agitator service. Chemineer® HS Side-Entering Turbine Agitators work efficiently when a tank is too large for convenient installation of a top-entering agitator, or where headroom is severely limited HT Agitators, HT Turbine Agitators have earned a worldwide reputation for long life, flexibility and ruggedness. As a result, they are the preferred agitators of many industries for harsh, demanding environments where peak performance is integral. HT Turbine Agitators are robust, simple and designed for ease of maintenance. The Chemineer HTM mixer is an available option for high torque applications and provides many of the same design benefits as the HT gearbox. IBC Mixers, Chemineer's unique new range of industrial agitators are designed for use with plastic transportable (IBC) containers. We supply a range of models suitable for a variety of applications including - blending light viscous liquid as well as re-suspension of settled solids and dissolution of powders.
Impellers, If there were only one mixing job to do, only one impeller would be required. However, there is a very wide range of problems in agitation, and the best impeller for one application may not be the best impeller for another. Includes descriptions and discussions that are intended as a guide for impeller selection.
KM Static Mixers, In all Kenics® KM Series Static Mixers, a patented helical mixing element directs the flow of material radially toward the pipe walls and back to the center. Additional velocity reversal and flow division results from combining alternating right- and left-hand elements, thus increasing mixing efficiency. All material is continuously and completely mixed, eliminating radial gradients in temperature, velocity and material composition.
KMX Static Mixers, For demanding mixing applications, such as those involving fluids with widely disparate viscosities or volume ratios, the common limiting factor in static mixer design is the allowable mixer length. The Kenics® KMX Static Mixer from Chemineer, Inc., the latest addition to the market leading Kenics product line, is the superior choice for these applications.
MD Mixers, The MD Mixer's modular design, featuring innovative shaft bearing cartridges, allows longer operating runs between maintenance periods. Routine maintenance and overhauls can be performed without draining the tank or removing the mixer.
MR Mixers, Chemineer has demonstrated that it is possible to provide a mixer designed for agitator service at an economical cost, backed by over fifty years of design expertise and applications experience. Chemineer's MID RANGE Mixers combine quality, durability and economy to supply unbeatable value in mixing equipment for the chemical, water and general processing industries. The MR agitators are designed to be mounted vertically over open tanks.
NIMIX Mixing Systems, Chemineer designs, manufactures and supplies a unique range of low shear, high solids-loading NIMIX mixing systems. NIMIX container/mixer systems are used for both the manufacture and transportation of a range of fluids with applications in chemicals, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.